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There are 8 positions available to apply for

-Overseeing the fulfillment of SIBA’s goals and objectives
-Initiating and delegating all tasks while advising, listening, and giving feedback to executive members to help them fulfill their responsibilities
Vice President Positions:
VP Relations: 
- Seeking out and retaining sponsorship, administering information flow such as creating meeting agendas and meeting, minutes
- Liaising between SIBA and other organizations, hiring and overseeing the First Year Representative(s) with the President
VP Marketing: 
- Delegates for Marketing Director and Marketing Intern(s)
- Creates the final version of graphics to be posted on social media
- Manages the SIBA website and ensures it is up to date
- Responsible for creating the marketing calendar and ensures that the entire SIBA team is kept in the loop regarding what is being posted
VP Events:
- Envisions, plans, budgets, coordinates, and executes events for the Sprott International Business Association
- Delegates to Events Director and Events Intern(s)
- Responsible for contacting internally (staff at Carleton University for booking rooms) and externally (contacting business professionals and venues for the IB Networking Night) 
VP Finance: 
- To create and maintain a budget in conjunction with the president that meets the objectives of SIBA and the students it represents
-To seek out funding from university and community members
- To manage the on going bank account information of the club and assist with reimbursements and event budgeting
Director Positions:
Exchange Director: 
-Coordinating the SIBA Snapchat vlogs, including: outreach to potential participants, providing guidance to the participants and regulating the content of the vlogs
 -Co-run the Global Buddies program with CUEx, including: creation of the buddy matches, promoting the program on social media and planning and executing two events
Events Director: 
- Work alongside the VP Events to envision, plan, coordinate, and execute events
-Create events calendar and plan the details of each event (decor, games, etc)
- send emails and attend meetings with BCMC
Marketing Director: 
- Work alongside VP Marketing to promote SIBA's events and initiatives throughout the year and generate community involvement
- Create event graphics and post on various social media platforms
- Coordinate with the Events team to schedule promotion of events